ALFA. The performance rating app.

ALFA has been developed by ARCA to support members contractors in the selection of short-term operatives from Labour Supply members and as a TNA tool for member contractors’ employees.

Key Benefits

Reassurance of agency labour competence

Being able to view previous ratings of agency labour enables ARCA member contractors to demonstrate the capability and attitude of short-term operatives.

Performance feedback

Agency operatives are assessed by ARCA member contractors while working on-site, these performance ratings will support all ARCA members using ALFA with their future selections.

Helps identify training and development needs

Feedback from ARCA member contractors can identify areas where an agency operative or a contractors’ employee could improve, therefore supporting training and development.

Automated system

ALFA provides member contractors and labour supply agencies with an online system for collecting and viewing performance ratings and managing certificate information.

How does the ALFA Agency System work?

After receiving a request for short-term labour for a specific job, a registered Labour Agency uses ALFA to find and select suitable operatives to send to the contractor.

  • Within ALFA an operative has an overall performance rating, and their safety and training records are available. This information assists the selection of operatives for an asbestos removal job.
  • When an operative is working for an ARCA member contractor, the contractor’s site supervisor will rate the operative’s performance through ALFA.
  • This rating information is immediately used to update the operative’s overall performance rating.

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